• How To Find The Best Remote JavaScript Developer?

    We are still in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic, so understandably, shopping for a remote JavaScript developer is going to be the norm for quite some time. 

    Some people are already living normal lives, like the pandemic didn’t happen. However, for a lot of us, the pandemic is still real. So, if we can still help it, it’s best if we just take the necessary precautions to avoid getting and spreading this incurable disease. 

    That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to take business for granted. You and your family still need to eat, right? Besides, people out there still need whatever you provide them. In fact, with people still stuck at home—many are still working from home—there might just be an increase in online shopping. 

    Shopping practices of the public have greatly changed the last year. It’s not just because people are afraid to go out, although a large chunk still have the fear. It’s also about people finding it quite cumbersome to go to stores. 

    There are a lot of stores that require masks—rightfully so. But there are also limits to the number of people inside the store—again, rightfully so. Until health authorities have got the disease under control, it’s still best to really be cautious by always wearing a mask in public spaces and practice social distancing. 

    While there is nothing wrong with those practices, some people just don’t like the waiting. That’s why, as we are still in this situation, people have turned to online shopping. Even if you are not selling essentials or grocery items, you can still take advantage of the change in people’s shopping practices. 

    It’s like when you go to a mall. You might be going there for a specific purpose but once you pass a store that just happens to be selling something you want rather than need; there are times when you can’t help yourself. You buy anyway. 

    Well, that could happen to online shopping as well. People might not need what you sell, but if you have a great website that encourages them to buy, they might just buy anyway. On that note, what you really need is a JavaScript developer. And in this case, you should go for a remote JavaScript developer.

    Importance of a remote JavaScript developer

    Why do you need a JavaScript developer? It’s because you want your website to actually beckon people to buy. It’s a business, so sales matter. 

    JavaScript is a programming language that allows the website to do complicated matters. If you want to be competitive, you need to have a competitive website and part of that is JavaScript programming. This will allow you to have a dynamic website. The website of old that basically only shows photos and information will no longer fly today. 

    The website has to be interactive as well. You can’t do that without JavaScript. As a result, you also need to seek out an efficient remote JavaScript developer. But how do you know that this developer is a good one? 


    Note that having experience when it comes to creating a website or JavaScript development is not about the number of years. Just because this entity has 10 years of experience in the industry doesn’t mean they are actually better than those that just started. 

    Experience is about the creative process. It’s also about the kind of work that they possess. When you do a background check of a developer, note how long they have been in the industry and see their outputs. Some may have only started doing JavaScript developing for five years or less but they already have a lot of clients. That means they have a rich experience. 

    You could say the opposite—some who have been doing JavaScript developing for 10 years may only have a few clients under their belt. You can’t exactly say they are very experienced in the process. The caveat, of course, is that an experienced JavaScript developer is expensive. But that’s why they call it an investment. You have to spend in a bid to have a greater return of investment or ROI. Spending on a JavaScript developer is definitely going to be worth it. 


    Another important factor is communication. Even if you are not going to see each other, you should at least schedule a video call. Yep! It’s not enough that you have a conversation. You should do it face to face. The significance of this is so that you will know if you have the right rapport to work together. It’s easy to develop rapport when you just talk on the phone and not actually see each other. But face-to-face rapport is not that easy to come by. 

    That’s why, always schedule a video meeting. Remember, this is not about finding a date. You don’t need the chemistry but you do need to be able to communicate with each other well. A great website is a product of a great back and forth between the client and developer. 

    As a client, you will let the developer know what you want in the website. The developer, for their part, should also have a say on the matter. Since they are the expert, they should be able to let you know if your idea is right or if it needs refinement. There should be a meeting of the minds. If the developer doesn’t communicate well, then you might not be able to work together no matter how good they actually are. 


    It’s not enough that you already know that the developer you are eyeing is experienced. You also have to see their previous projects and maybe some of the projects they are working on. It’s easy to see previous projects because they are searchable. However, you want to understand the creative process, too. 

    That’s why, during the meeting, you have to ask the prospect to show you some of their projects. Ask them to explain the creative process to you. This would allow you to weigh things. It’s also a great way to see if they have projects that are similar to what you will be asking them to do. 

    Just because they are the expert doesn’t mean that you should just be a passive client. It’s still your website so you have to be proactive. There should be synergy in the website development. It’s a matter of collaboration between the business owner and the remote JavaScript developer. The website will be a key element to your business. It has to be attractive and it should be efficient.  

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