• Create App Store Screenshot for Your Digital Product

    Marketing a product is crucial. How does your product fair compared to others? Create App Store screenshots for clients to compare your product with others. 

    When you have a digital product like a mobile app, the main goal is to have a high apps conversion rate. What does this mean? It’s like the market conversion. You want to see marketing activities turn into actual money. Marketing should result in purchases. 


    It’s the same for mobile apps. You want your creation to be converted into money. You don’t create digital products only to have it decorate the App Store. You want people to actually buy it, enjoy it and update it when they need. 


    Here are two things that will make app conversion rate really high:


    1. You have a mobile app that is unique, interesting and helpful. Whether it is helpful in your everyday life or just helpful in keeping boredom at bay, it doesn’t matter as long as it has come to your aid in your time of need. 

    2. Great mobile app design.  


    So how do you show off a great mobile app design? You do so when you create App Store screenshots!

    Why do you have to create App Store screenshots?


    See what we did there? We used “have” rather than “should.” The difference? We are actually saying that you actually need to create a screenshot rather than just doing so if you want to or if you have the time for it.


    This is about conversion, you have to do what is essential to achieve that goal. Now the best way to showcase your design via screenshots is through the iPhone Apps screenshot. Why? The iPhone is the best device to demonstrate mobility. Plus, the App Store is exclusive for Apple devices. 


    Now what can you show through the App Store screenshots? One thing you need to focus on is the main page of the mobile app. How does the digital product appear on an iPhone App Store, hence, you create App Store screenshots. Don’t worry, a lot of them are pre-made. This way, you only need to focus on putting your best design on the template. There are customizable units on the template that can be edited with your own design.


    A great design is important because this is what could make people buy your product. Not all will buy, though, but if you have a great and attractive design, people might just want to know more about it. So they will read what the app is about. We’ll delve more on that later. Let’s focus more on the design. 


    One of the screenshots you should show is the main page. This should tell a story without people having to read anything about your product yet. Prospective users should have an inkling on what the app is about just by looking at the main page. Some people would be readily convinced to buy the product just by looking at that main page. 


    The secondary pages will include screenshots of the product in actual use. So you can have several of these screenshots showing different stages of the app in use. This way, people will have an idea on what to expect when they are already using your proposed app. These screenshots should be enough to convince a number of people to buy the product, don’t you think?


    When you create the screenshots for presentation purposes, think of it as creating for actual use on the App Store. Think about the process as already for the actual thing. This just means that you have to give it your all. You can’t just design thinking that it’s “only a presentation anyway.” You have to give it your best shot because you will not be the only one presenting to potential investors. Remember the competition. 

    Other elements


    The app designs will be the best way to attract people. Since you are designing as if you are already enticing potential users of the app, you also have to complete the package. Remember we mentioned that some people will want to know more about the digital product? That’s where verbal acumen will be greatly needed. 


    If you go to the App Store and click on an app, you will see several photos of the app. Then there is a short description of it with an indication that you can read more about it. As we mentioned, there might be people who will be attracted to your app designs but are not necessarily convinced that they should buy it. Your article needs to convince them!


    When people press on “more” in the app’s page, they will be led to another page that has a full article about the app. The full article should mention what users can do with the app. The most important part is explaining why the people should buy the app, but in a subtle manner. Just explain why the app is either useful or entertaining or both. 


    Now another screenshot you must create is the lineup on the App Store. This is where you will see the various apps available on the platform. Basically, you are trying to show off that your app will stand a chance against the other apps just based on that small icon people can see. How good is your design that people can still be attracted to it despite the dozens or hundreds of others in the lineup. It would be a great chance to show off your design despite the size, right?

    The importance of apps


    An app works so much faster than a website. Let’s make this even clearer: when you want to visit a website, you have to type the web address on your web browser. If you have an app, you just directly tap the app icon and you are there where you want to be. It’s like the direct link to the website or to the company. 


    A lot of apps really make people’s lives easier and simpler. The importance of delivery services through apps was really highlighted in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time when some areas were locked down, people just ordered food online. While many restaurants are already open around the world, some people are still cautious. Through the app, they can continue to feed their cautiousness. 


    It’s the same with online store apps. They just make people’s lives easier. It’s not just about the pandemic, too. Some people are just too busy to shop or they just don’t have the patience to go to the mall. The app will greatly help them.




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