• Use PSD Mockup For Various Digital Products

    There are dozens of digital products that you can sell online. But how do you make them attractive to people who will buy or invest? The answer is the PSD mockup! 

    There are dozens of digital products that you can sell online. But how do you make them attractive to people who will buy or invest? The answer is the PSD mockup!


    Do you have a digital product that you want to sell? Or maybe it’s a digital product that you want to get made and you need an investor to get behind it. Whatever it is, it’s quite difficult to sell as it’s not something tangible. 

    Unlike a T-shirt, you can always imprint a design on one shirt to show off to the target market. You can do the same if you want to sell the design to an investor or a retailer. It’s not the same for digital products. You can’t touch it. So you have to find another way to make your product more attractive through a digital presentation. 

    This is where the PSD mockup comes in. 

    What is a PSD mockup?

    A mockup, generally, is a realistic model of your proposed product. PSD, on the other hand, means Photoshop document. It is basically a file format. In essence, a PSD mockup is a digital mockup formatted as PSD. That’s just the literal meaning. 

    Technically, a PSD mockup is a modern solution to digital design products. This is a way to provide a creative visual to a digital product that is otherwise without mass. This way, even intangible, there is a basis for the market or investor to appreciate the product. 

    There are a number of mockup templates for sale and there are also free PSD mockups available online. Since there are many of them, you have to make sure that you get from a reliable website. 

    Here are some examples of PSD mockup templates you can use for various digital products:

    iPhone mockup

    Of all the major devices: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone, the last one mentioned is the smallest in the pool. This would be perfect for audio products like songs or an audio book. 

    Let’s discuss: Since it is an audio product, you can take it with you anywhere as long as you have the device for it. 

    This is when the device you will use in the mockup becomes useful. As such, it will give the audience the distinct impression that your product is something they can take with them anywhere. That is a given but the PSD mockup spells it out for them. Sometimes, you really need an illustration to drive the point across. 

    Android mockup

    Now not all people own iPhones. In fact, there are more Android users than there are iPhone users. However, Android consists of different brands like Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and Oppo, among others. Whatever brand it is you use, it indicates that like the iPhone mockup, the digital product is something you can take with you anywhere. 

    What is something that you want with you at all times? Music. This way, you can listen to music while you are in public transportation or even in a cab. If you are dining alone and you don’t want to feel as lonely, you wear those ear pods and start bobbing with the song. The same goes for the gym or when you go running outside. 

    So if you have a music app that you want to develop, you can use an Android mockup for your presentation. The Android mockup will make the product more in touch with the masses. There are more people using Android devices because these range from high-end products to low-end ones. So by using an Android mockup, you are also making a statement that your digital product is for everybody. 

    MacBook mockup

    Apple is known for its great screen, the Retina display. So you people will absolutely love to watch videos or movies in it. So if you have a video app or a film—not necessarily major motion pictures—then you can show it off through the MacBook mockup. 

    There is also mobility in the MacBook. You, too, can take it anywhere with you, albeit, much heavier than the mobile phone. But this indicates that you can take films with you when you go on vacation. Or that people can watch a video on the app you designed wherever they may be. 

    Laptop mockup

    Again, not all people will be able to afford Apple products. So if you want to be more relatable, you can choose any other laptop device as the frame of your digital product. This is great for online shopping. So if you are designing an online store for a company, a laptop mockup would be a wise choice. 

    First off, the large screen of the laptop is great for shopping. When you shop physically in a store, you check out details. The same thing will be done in the online store. It would be best if you have a large screen to zoom in to details of a product. The laptop obviously has a bigger screen than mobile phones and tablets. But it is better for mobility than the desktop. The shopping bug hits you anywhere you are so sometimes you can’t wait until you are home with your desktop to do it. That’s why a laptop mockup will make a great packaging for your online store design. 

    Desktop mockup

    Art is always better when it’s bigger. So if you want to sell art, a desktop mockup will be your best choice of presentation tool. Through a large screen, the beauty of the art will be emphasized. You can never go wrong with this. 

    The great thing about selling artwork is that people can use it however they want. They can have it printed for physical art or they can use it on a shirt or as a design on their wall. 

    This particular mockup is also great for logo designs. In a more general aspect, you can use the desktop mockup to sell branding services, if that is what you offer. There are so many parts of the branding services and logo is just one of them. The desktop mockup is also a versatile presentation tool. It is also a good representation of stability. After all, you can’t take the desktop with you everywhere you want to go. 


    There are so many other forms of mockup that you can use. In fact, some mockups use a combination of devices. What you need to consider is the effect that the device has on your design. There is also a narrative aspect with the right mockup. You can explain better your goal when you use the right device to show off your great design or digital product. 

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