• Branding Package: What Is It?

    What are the things covered under the branding package? Before you embark on your business, it's worth knowing the elements of the package before investing. 

    Did you know that branding is more than just creating a name of the company and a logo for your business? Yes, the name and logo are major parts of branding. However, it’s worth noting that the intention of branding is more important. Digging more facts regarding branding is vital as far as hitting success is concerned. It can make your business entity stronger than the competitors. That is why you have to look for a branding package which may suit your needs and demands as a business organization.

    If you are starting a business, you want to create a memorable impression to the public especially to your target market. If you create a name or a logo without intention, then it’s like an empty promise. It’s just there but without meaning. So, the importance of crafting the brand promise is given a high priority. It must be crafted before branding strategies are going to be implemented.

    What is the intent?

    The goal is not just to earn money. It is also for people to fall in love with the brand. When they do, they won’t turn at other brands again. That is of course until the business breaks their heart by producing terrible merchandise or doing bad service. There has to be a strong relationship between your customers and the brand itself. This is significant as far as attaining dramatic success is concerned. So, the intent of branding is to establish a bridge that connects your brand to the target audiences.

    The importance of branding

    You know how there are some cases where you just depend on one brand and nothing else? Here’s an example: You want to buy a suitcase. You go to Louis Vuitton because the brand has your dream suitcase. It’s your dream suitcase because it is similar to your handbag. That’s also because you mostly just shop at Louis Vuitton. 

    What do you do? Some people would go look for a suitcase with other brands. But some loyal Louis Vuitton clients would rather not buy a suitcase at all. That’s when you know that branding really worked. People are so attached to it they don’t want anyone else. It’s the same in a relationship. You will be loyal to your significant other as long as they continue to satisfy you. When it comes to brands, you will continue to be loyal to a brand as long as you are satisfied with their products or services. 

    Now, there is no loyalty without attraction. People have to know the brand first before they get attached to it. That’s also part of the branding process. The name, logo design and other business components should be striking enough to garner the attention of people. 

    Branding merits recognition. There are various ways to showcase your brand. That’s where the branding package comes in. 

    What’s in a brand package?

    Let’s start with the most important: the logo. This is the face of the company. The logo will represent the company in so many ways especially when there is no space to include the company’s name. It’s very important that the logo is eye-catching. It should be something that will really get the attention of people while also being memorable. You don’t just want to attract them with a really good logo, you also want them to remember it. 

    The logo is not enough though. There are so many things that are included in brand packages but the logo is certainly a major part of it. 

    Here are some important components of the branding package:


    You might be wondering why you just can’t stamp the logo that has been designed for the company on top of the official communication paper. The actual logo created is formatted differently. It will not be appropriate for the letterhead. 

    Why is proprietary important? Because the meticulousness you employed in the creation of the letterhead will reflect on your company. This means that you really pay attention to detail. What if you have a client who is also scrupulous?

    You don’t want to lose a client just because you were not very thorough. There’s also this: the entire logo of the company usually consists of the symbol and the name of the company. For startups, the name of the company is still very important. You are still starting in the business so you can’t expect people to already recognize your symbol. 

    The symbol and the name of the company will comprise the logo. However, there are situations where the logo may not be appropriate for a letterhead. For example, what if your logo is on the large side—not that logo will ever be large. But what if it’s quite large for a logo? If this is the case, it might be better to just have the name of the company on the letterhead. Or maybe the logo should be there as well. 

    That’s the job of the branding firm or a design agency. The design of the letterhead is also part of the branding package. 

    What else? 

    Business cards

    Business cards are small, so it obviously is going to be hard to put the entire logo on them. However, unlike the letterhead, business cards are for everybody. The letterhead is only for people you will be sending official communications to. The business card is for everybody. If you see a potential client, you give them a business card. If a person knows somebody who might be interested in your business, you give them a business card. It’s absolutely necessary to have the business symbol and name or the entire logo on the business card.

    How? That’s up to the designer. This is why it’s important to get a branding package. You get a massive discount for getting all the branding components. Because if it’s up to you, this conundrum of how to put the entire logo on the business card will give you white hair. 

    The agency will know what to do. The name of the company and the company logo don’t always need to be together. Perhaps the name of the company will be on top while the logo will be on the side. The formatting will also be done with the designer, which makes your life easier. 

    Email templates

    We live in a modern digital world where a bulk of communications are done via email. This means it’s necessary that you also have a letterhead for your email. This is going to be different than your stationery and envelope. For one, the envelope is not necessary. However, you need a format to make the email consistent to your brand. It can’t be a generic email, that’s boring. Aside from being boring, it’s not your brand. 

    Branding should be consistent all throughout. No matter what it is, as long as it is connected to your company then branding elements should be injected. It’s the same with the email. Keep it popping! That’s part of the branding package, too. 


    This is one of the more important business components for startups. Since you are still without a solid clientele, you need to recruit some. It is important that you’ll be able to showcase that best of what you do even if you are just starting out. Brochures are tricky and should not be attempted just to save money. It’s part of the branding package anyway, so it’s best to just trust the experts on this. 


    By getting a certain branding package from a reliable company, you will be able to establish a solid foundation for your business. Hiring a branding firm is therefore recommended. You can contact Ramotion today for more details!


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